Chambres d'hôtes, La Laure

Welcome to Provence - come and enjoy the tranquility of our family-run guesthouse La Laure, owned by the family since 1878.
Through the gate, the old Provençal house stands at the end of a driveway of majestic plane trees and is bathed in sunlight.
Decorated with subtle and mellow colours, our three guest bedrooms offer a restful and soothing atmosphere that is synonymous with simplicity and a certain way of life.
Come and enjoy the clear and refreshing water of the swimming pool, relax in the shade of the trees, take a nap while listening to the shrilling of cicadas... so many moments of happiness to be enjoyed at La Laure.
Gourmet breakfasts are served in the downstairs dining room, or in the tree-shaded courtyard once spring arrives.
All to help you make the most of your holidays in Provence.
Détail de la façade
Détail de la façade.
La demeure
Accueil de la Laure
Le platane du jardin.
Le coin piscine
Espace détente au bord de la piscine.
Le jardin.
La Piscine
Vue de la piscine.
Porte d'entrée
La porte d'entrée.
Façade de la maison d'hôtes
Façade de la maison.
Oliviers, huile d'olive, abords de la Laure
Le champs d'oliviers.
Accueil la Laure
Arrivée à la Laure .